11 May, 2011

6 best practises for a good kowledge researcher on internet

The century where we defined the meaning of 'www' and 'internet' were over. Now these technologies turned to be the best flavour tied up with our life. A child even before he stands up for the first time in his life comes in touch with the latest flavour of technology by watching tv and playing with the mobile phone. So the internet is being a big phenomenon.

Internet offers the best services that connect and educates people across the world. Majority of the internet users utilizes internet as a tool for social networking and chatting only. While internet remains the best knowledge pool, we must follow some good practises to utilize and extract the best from it. Worldwide acceptance of free software and the sharing concepts might have played the key role in fuelling the era of blogs and forums. 

I have always amazed at seeing the number of peple writing and contributing on free software platforms like ubuntu. Everyday how many tweets fly over the internet carrying links?? it might be millions..We have to break the rule that 'internet is nothing but a Goooooooogle search'. As the digital media is rapid and feature rich than the traditional and conventional printed media, we should follow a proper guideline for using it in better manner. My intention is nothing but introducing before you the best practises for online reading and keeping always in touch with the latest technology through this blog post.

1. Dont be the usual guy always :)

Find a little time for spending with the latest stuff in your favourite blogs and webpages other than facebook and myspace. Let's close the tabs of your favourite social networking sites while you read. Dont mix up the everything togeteher, instead find time for everything. You can make a better environment for learning, only if you have the gutz to do that...

2. Subscribe the best (its free of cost) 

Whenever you move over an interesting and 'followable' web page, don't forget to use the subscribe button to subscribe to the feeds from that blog. Feeds are the topics that are written in that blog or web page that will be available on your feed reader (such as google reader) and can be organized as you wish. If you are using an online feed reader service, the advantge is that you don't have visit your favourite blogs individually everytime, every stuff will be available on the feed reader's inbox. That makes all your faourite contents from many web pages under a single roof. Its better to use an online feed reader rather than bookmarking the stuffs with your browser. Bookmarks will be lost on a system crash unless otherwise it is not backed up properly, and it is better for websites rather than blogs.

I have been sticking on to the Google reader for a while since it provides better services to organize and manage my feeds. It have features like slideshow, collections and more to make reading attractive and easy.   

3. Inbox is not your waste box !

Many of the blogs and websites will allow you to subscribe contents through email also, along with the feed subscription. Think before you subscribe via email weather the contents are so important to sit on your inbox. Otherwise your inbox will flood with unimportant mails of blog subscriptions and that may be the reason for losing your job because of unnoticing the appointment order. It took almost one and half weeks for me to remove the unimportant subscriptions from my email inbox. I was forced to do it when my inbox crossed 4000 mails and lion's share of the subscriptions are 3-4 years old and are unread...

4. Comment on !! are you dead???

When you move over a blog post, just take a pause and comment if you have something to add up with the content described in the post. Most of the blogs allow the commenting feature to make discussions live. Remember your comments are always valuable to and useful for the next guy visiting the same post. I usually check for the comments area of the blogposts before reading the content of the post. My intention is nothing but to watch the feedback given by other readers. Soemtimes the trick given on that post might not work and may be the same is commented by someone. So a hawk eye view on comments section will let you decide weather to spend time on reading the post.

5. Share the spirit !!

Whenever you finds an interesting content don't forget to share that link to your friends also. Major social networking sites (twitter, facebook) and online bokmarking sites (delicious,digg) provides facilities to share the links. While sharing a link try to encourage your friends to read that post also. I think youtube videos are shared more than any other links in most of the social networking sites...

6. Watch it on your desktop

 You can use applications for reading the feeds in on your desktop. In a better way. Many feed reader application and widget are available. Google gears can be used to read contents offline from your blog. Some of the applications for Ubuntu distributions are Akregator, Yarssr, Liferea, Blam ...

Hope u like the post. Bye till the next one !!


jiNtU jAcoB on Thursday, May 12, 2011 said...

i cant use tis page to write all the good sites i follow here.. i am damn sure this page wont be enough for me... also the content read by people will vary from one another. It's up to you to subscribe to the good blogs while you visit them...

You came to read my blog. then you can subscribe it to read it later... so that happens any time

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