04 September, 2010

Links: the browser for the terminal

Links is powerful text WWW browser with tables and frames. It runs in linux terminal providing a faster access to internet especially on slow connection. Its completely text based, so that you cant use it  as a complete replacement for usual browsers since terminal can not display images. Also since text based it can be a used for faster acces of internet when you are using mobile internet. 


Installing links in Ubuntu

Take the terminal and type in as follows

 $ sudo apt-get install links 

Or you can download the links package with graphics in compressed format from here. The details about installation are provided in the links site.
Browsing in links 

After installation take the terminal and type links

 $ links
command line options
            to run links in graphics mode
            to run links in text mode

            Restrict links so that it can run on an anonymous  account.   No local  file  browsing.  No  downloads.  

-http-proxy <host:port>
              Host and port number of the HTTP  proxy,  or  blank.

-ftp-proxy <host:port>              
              Host  and  port  number  of  the FTP proxy, or blank. 

-download-dir <path>              
              Default download directory.  (default: actual dir) 

Navigation keys

ESC/F9    menu/escape
d      download link (text mode only)
/       search in the page
?       search back in the page
n       find next match
f        zoom actual frame
^R    reload page
g       go to URL
G       edit the current URL and goto the result
s       bookmark manager
q       quit, close window if more windows are open
=      document informations
\       toggle HTML source/rendered view
Setting proxy in links

Select Network Options from the setup menu(Click on F9 to get the menu).
Select Proxies to input the proxy address.



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